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Me and My Mum Playgroup would like to utilise images of attending families (including children) for the following purposes; Crafting, Facebook Promotion Page, MMM Hub Website, Observations/Reflections, Advertising and Grant Related Materials. Your permission as Parent/Guardian is required before any images are used for the above described purposes.  


- Local Network

Referring to images to be used in Local Playgroup Scrapbook and crafting. Children’s names may be used next to their photos.


- Public Social Media

Referring to images/videos to be used as promotional material (Facebook Page, MMM Hub Website, Advertising) 


- Reporting

Referring to images to be used in conjunction with Observations and Reflections in Government Reports. 


Children’s real names will never be used in any Public Social Media or Government Reports.  

Please tick the categories (if any) that you give permission for your child/ren’s images to be utilised.

Thanks for submitting!

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