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A relaxed early learning program for children 0-6 years old, that focuses on educational play, craft activities, group interaction and communication.

Richmond | Weekly on a Friday| 8.30am - 11.30am

Julia Creek | Monthly on a Thursday | 10am - 12pm

Hughenden | Weekly on a Friday | 10am - 12pm

The Me & My Mum Hub strives for a relaxed environment, where children feel comfortable and happy to participate in any activity they wish. During Playgroup, parents or caregivers are involved in activities as their child needs. We also understand that as a parent Playgroup might be their only adult social interaction for the day, so we encourage open and honest conversations with the other parents while enjoying a warm drink.

Playgroup is a very safe and comfortable environment to develop new relationships and networks outside of your typical friendship base with other parents/caregivers in your community. 

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