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Child Health Nurse Resources- Speech and Language Development

In Richmond we are very lucky to have Tania a Child Health Nurse from Townsville coming to visit once a month. Tania is in town for 2 days and spends her time holding a clinic at the Hospital for families to book appointments with her and also visiting the Me and My Mum Hub and daycare centre to share her knowledge. We had a fantastic information session at the Hub a few weeks ago. Tania shared information with us on a few different topics, Building Immunity, Speech Development and Starting Solids. We also got to ask her plenty of questions and no topic was off limits. Its was such a great morning and the mothers (and Hub Staff) in attendance learnt a lot but also just felt seen and understood by the other mothers in the group. Raising children can be very challenging so it's lovely when we can come together and support one another. In this blog I will share the resources about Speech and Language Development. Keep an eye out for other blog posts with resources about different topics. Easy to read and follow PDF documents about speech and language development. Click the down arrow to download and open the fact sheets.

Download PDF • 214KB

How Children learn to Talk 0-5 years[67]
Download PDF • 1.28MB

Download PDF • 257KB

HANEN_Language Stimulation Activities[74]
Download PDF • 242KB

Reading To Toddlers[4]
Download PDF • 129KB

The magic of Music[36]
Download PDF • 268KB

Here are the website links Tania provided us with to learn more about speech and language development.


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