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Communication Information Session with Outback Futures

We had a lovely morning connecting and learning with the Team from Outback Futures yesterday. We enjoyed a relaxed playgroup and had the opportunity to chat and ask questions with Janelle (Occupational Therapist) and Caitria (Speech Therapist) Janelle and Caitria also shared a short Parent Information session with us, which was a little bit hard to hear at times over the joyful noise of children playing. Im going to share in this blog the hand outs that Caitria shared on the day. If you have any follow up questions please let me know and I can get you in contact with the Outback Futures team. Caitria spoke to us about Communication with our children and gave out some useful tips for us to implement in the home. Janelle spoke about Screen time and how to make sure the screen time young children are exposed to is productive for them. Of course Janelle realises its not realistic for children to never be exposed to screens its just how we as their parents choose to manage the timeframes and quality of shows they are watching.


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