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Cuppa for Connection - Series of Topics about Mental Health in Children.

In our Cuppa for Connection program, we are about to start a series of conversations around supporting our children and keeping them safe both mentally and physically. We have decided to share the resources around these topics with our wider MMM community by posting them on our Me and My Mum Hub Facebook page and website. We hope that this information can reach and help more families than just our regular Cuppa for Connection participants because we believe these are such important topics to be considering in keeping our children safe. The topics we will cover over the next few weeks are, Bullying in Children Anxiety in Children Depression in Children Body Safety and Protection in Children If you would like more information or these resources emailed directly to you, please contact Emily Naclerio on 0488057861 or email What actually is Cuppa for Connection??? An online program held over ZOOM providing a safe confidential and welcoming space, ponder a topic, share an insight or two and enjoy meaningful connection. How CFC is structured: at the beginning of the call, we have a few minutes of relaxation, to centre ourselves, shake off the business of the day – then we commence exploring the weekly topic or questions (you will be able to read the theme of the week via our closed facebook group, a few days prior).

Cuppa for Connection’s overarching vision is to provide a space (from the comfort of your home) to feel valued, an opportunity to share your perspective, your unique experiences and come away enriched with other’s insights. There will be ample resources within the closed CFC Facebook group - to enhance the topic and enrich your knowledge.

Fundamentally it’s your chance to be a part of a positive and supportive setting, to be curious, learn something new about yourself, most importantly a chance to pause, sip a cuppa or your favourite beverage and learn something new.

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