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Recipe - 2 Ingredient Dough, Cooked 2 ways

You cant get a dough recipe any easier than this one! All it is is Self-Raising Flour and Greek Yogurt. Mix together and you have a versatile dough that can be made either sweet or savoury. Today Shannan made us a sweet scroll by rolling out the dough into a rectangle shape and spreading melted butter over the dough then topping with cut up apple (you could use tinned apple) sugar and cinnamon. She then rolled it up and cut into smaller circles. place the scrolls flat on a baking tray and bake for 10-15mins.

Shannan also used this dough to make a Pizza. Just roll the dough out into a pizza shape or just a rectangle baking tin and top your pizza with you favourite toppings, then cook. This pizza was really yummy and a perfect easy dinner or lunch option.

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