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Recommendation - Children’s Health Education

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Hello MMM Community,

Social media is such a great way to learn new information, if you are following the right pages. I recently did a clean out of my Instagram and have found educational pages to follow from many areas of interest to me. For our first recommendation blog post I would like to share with you Tiny Hearts Education.

Tiny Hearts Education is my absolute favourite for child sickness advice or first aid. Created by a paramedic they post first aid tips, symptoms for common sicknesses and how to treat them and when to seek medical help. Some examples are Choking hazards and how to modify these foods before giving them to young children. Febrile Convulsions and what to do, Car Seat safety, Choking, Pain Relief Options, Chicken Pox, Hand Foot and Mouth, Allergies, burns first aid.

If you are interested in this area of health education Tiny Hearts offers an Online CRP and First Aid Course, specifically focused on babies and children.

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