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Recommendation - For Snacking On The Go

Living where we do, there is no doubt that travel is inevitable! And with that, comes the challenge of keeping children occupied and fed for the drive. Through many discussions at our programs, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite recommendations from MMM Mothers!

Subo - Food Bottle

From what we’ve heard, these awesome little bottles allow babies, toddlers and children to independently feed themselves - with NO MESS! Perfect to use for smoothies, yoghurt, porridge or mashed foods.

Buy Here: $31.95

CoolPod Freezable Yoghurt Pouch

We spotted this nifty little item at Playgroup and thought it’s an excellent idea for when you just want to take a small snack without packing a large lunchbox. It’s not just an insulated pouch - you simply place the whole pouch in the freezer and it will then keep your yoghurt cold for up to 8 hours! Double bonus - the same brand also sells wine coolers!!

Buy here: $9.95

Munchkin Brica Snack Catcher

Are your kids eating blueberries, biscuits, Nutrigrain or any other item that can spill into a million pieces? These great snack catchers allow children the independence to hold their own bowl without the worry of spillage. Particularly great for car or plane trips!

Buy here: $10 Target Online

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