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Recommendation - Mothers Day Activities

Are you looking for a way to spend quality time with your children this Mothers Day? Why not try these fun activities


The kids can show off their knowledge of all things Mum with a trivia game. You can find pre-made Mothers Day Trivia’s on the internet or you can make your own by coming up with questions about your life, favourite things, etc. Be sure to tailor the difficulty level to the ages and interests of the people playing. Here’s some printable quizzes for you to try!


Kids love playing charades. But instead of having teams, this version is kids against mum. The kids each have 2 minutes to act out mum-based actions or words/phrases you often say and mum has to guess what each is. For each phrase mum gets right, she earns a point. For each she misses, the kids get a point. Keep track, and see who wins!

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