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Recommendation - TIACS Free Phone & Text Counselling Support

I'm sure you have all heard about the TradeMutt shirts. The bright colourful work shirts that have the slogan "This is a conversation starter" on the back of them. But did you know the same two tradies have started a FREE counselling service?

TIACS is a free, mental health counselling service for tradies, truckies, rural and blue collar workers.

After successfully launching their social enterprise workwear company TradeMutt, founders Ed and Dan saw a great need to remove the barriers that have prevented hard working Australians from accessing professional mental health counselling. TIACS removes those physical and financial barriers to accessing help through a simple text and call service directly to professional counsellors. The TIACS support line is open Monday-Friday 8am-10pm Call or Text 0488 846 988 to speak to a counsellor. There is also helpful articles on their website about starting a mental health conversation with a friend/workmate and how to handle the sometimes tuff conversations. Visit the website to find out more about this amazing service.

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