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Recommendation - The 5am Club

This week, we have challenged ourselves to join the 5am Club. We're sure that over the years, plenty of you have been apart of the 'many and every hour of the night club' for feeding, nappy changes, more feeding, tending to sick children, or if you're lucky a great night out with some friends. Perhaps you already consider yourself a member of the 5am Club, as you're already an early riser?

However, this 5am Club is a little different, it's a concept to maximise productivity, activate a healthy body and mind, and spend a little time growing yourself. It's not just setting an alarm for 5am each morning and going about your day, there's a little more method to the madness.

Essentially in the nutshell;

  1. Wake at a time when there is minimal distraction, ideally this time is 5am.

  2. MOVING: Spend the first 20 minutes exercising. Get that heart pumping and release some endorphins.

  3. REFLECTION: The next 20 minutes is dedicated to a time of reflection. Take a moment with pen and paper to reflect on your day ahead, your ambitions and what you are grateful for.

  4. GROWING: The final 20 minutes, is dedicating to growing or learning. Spend this time, reading and educating yourself on topics of interest.

If the timing is right for you, we recommend you give it a try and let us know what you think.

If you're still a little confused as to what the heck we are on about - here's a great video to summarise The 5am Club.

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