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Recipe - 2 Ingredient Cupcakes

2 Ingredient cupcakes - WAIT - WHAT

Did you say 2 Ingredients?

YEP you heard right. Grab your favourite cake mix and soft drink and your ready to get started.

This is a fun and quirky recipe which is great one for the kids to get involved and help with.

Kids will love watching the Soft Drink frothing up in the cake mix, added bonus mum can sit back and let the kids whip these up.

Today we made two batches of these super simple cupcakes, one was a Chocolate cake mix with Lemonade. The second batch was a Vanilla cake mix with Creaming Soda. The creaming soda added a subtle pink colour to the muffin and the icing with was quite cute. You could taste the creaming soda in these cupcakes as a nice change to plain vanilla. Side note (for our interest sake)- What is the flavour of Creaming Soda? Is it Rasberry, Cherry, Strawberry? We couldn't put a name to it. Hahaha

"They were really nice" said a mum at Hub Kitchen, "Yumm" her the two year old.

Prep time: 5 mins - Cooking Time: 15 mins - Ready in: 20 mins

Makes: 15 Cupcakes - Cost: $5.67 or 37 cents each

2 Ingredient Cupcakes


  • 340 gram Cake Mix (any brand will do, with or out without added icing)

  • 1 cup Carbonated Soft Drink (Soda Water, Lemonade, Creaming Soda, etc)


  1. Preheat oven to 180°

  2. Spray muffin tray with oil or use patty papers

  3. Put cake mix and soft drink into a large bowl

  4. Mix until combined

  5. Spoon cake mix into patty papers 1/2 to 3/4 full

  6. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden

  7. If your Cake Mix came with icing you can make it by added roughly 1 tablespoon of your soft drink to the icing and mix it all together.

  8. Allow to cool and eat or freeze for lunch box fillers


Use your favourite cake and soft drink mix

Add chocolate chips or sprinkles to the dry mix

Dust with icing sugar or your favourite icing Click Here for a printable PDF version of this recipe!

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