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Recipe - Slice of Life

This healthyish version of slice of life is a very popular cafe style slice, which looks good but is super easy to make. A delicious slice with a layer of biscuit and fruit simply just melts in your mouth.

A crowd pleaser that can be done in advance and frozen for this unexpected visitors or a sneaky treat.

Prep: 15 min - Cooking: 15 mins - Ready in: 30 mins Makes: 40 serves - Cost : $33.12 or 82c per serve



  • 2 tins Condensed Milk

  • 60 grams Butter

  • 250 grams Milk Biscuits crushed

  • 1/2 cup Malted Milk/Powdered Milk

  • 1 cup Apricots chopped

  • 1 1/2 cups Sultanas

  • 1 cup Dessicated Coconut


  1. Line tray with baking paper

  2. Place 1 tin condensed milk, butter in saucepan

  3. Melt over low heat, stirring until butter melts

  4. Combine crushed biscuits and milk powder in bowl

  5. Add condensed milk/ butter mix and stir well, press into tray

  6. Combine 1 tin condensed milk, apricots, sultanas and coconut in bowl. Mix well until condensed milk coats fruit and coconut

  7. Spread over biscuit base and sprinkle with extra coconut

  8. Chill and slice

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