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Recipe - No Bake Weetbix Slice

A delicious chocolate slice the whole family will love.

It is super quick, simple, old fashioned slice we grew up with in Australia, packed full with the goodness of Weetbix, coconut and dark chocolate.

Prep Time: 10 minutes Cooking: 20 minutes Ready in: 30 minutes Makes: 30 Cost : $8.21 or 27c per serve


5 Weetbix (GF)

1 cup Dates

1/2 cup Pine nut

1/2 cup Dedicated Coconut

4 table spoons Cocoa

2 table spoons Honey

5 table spoons Water

40 g Dark Chocolate


  1. Line tray with baking paper.

  2. Place all ingredients except chocolate in blender.

  3. Blitz until it comes together into balls.

  4. If mix isn’t coming together add 1-2 tbls water.

  5. Melt chocolate in microwave 2 mins.

  6. Press mixture into tray.

  7. Pour melted chocolate over slice and chill.

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