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Resources - Gidget Foundation and Start Talking Program

Perinatal depression and anxiety affect almost 100,000 expectant and new parents in Australia each year. Often, estimates for anxiety and depression are combined because many new parents experience symptoms of both. Sometimes one may present more strongly than the other.

Clinical Definition of Perinatal Depression

Pregnancy and the first year of parenthood (the perinatal period) is a unique time and involves major changes in a person’s life. The challenges of this adjustment to parenthood are often underestimated within our society and cultures. All expectant and new parents, including both mums and dads or partners will have some good days and bad days. Ups and downs are expected and common. But when bad days become the norm, a parent may be experiencing perinatal depression or anxiety. The Gidget Foundation website has lots of great information if you are wanting to find out more please visit their website. If you are struggling the Gidget Foundation's Start Talking Program you can receive up to 10 free Telehealth psychological counselling services.

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