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Recommendation - Child Safety Online Resources

In this day and age, it's impossible to avoid technology and the online space but what we can do is try our best to be informed and educated about child safety online. Recently, we have been shown a few excellent resources for parents and children supporting technology and exploring how we can utilise it safely.

The purpose of the eSafety Commissioner is to help safeguard all Australians from online harm and to promote safer, more positive, online experiences. Their website is full of wonderful information for;

  • young people: help and advice for teenagers and young adults

  • parents and carers: tips to help their children safely navigate the online world

  • women: tools to help women protect themselves from risks around technology-facilitated abuse and be more confident online

  • seniors: activities to increase digital skills, confidence and safety

We can really recommend the section of this website that is designed specifically for children to use.

This council, has been created to support young children growing up in the digital age. We can recommend jumping on and checking out the 'Events' tab, to see what upcoming seminars you can tune into and continue learning online safety from.

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