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Recommendation - Grow Your Patch Podcast

We are all podcast fans at MMM Hub and I love how different all our regular favourites are, This week we are sharing one of Samara's favourites. Such a favourite that she chose to sit with her headphones in and listen to this podcast over chatting to Anna and Emily on their drive to Hughenden last week, not sure that speaks highly of this podcast or if Anna and Emily should be embarrassed about the quality of their conversation topics.

This is a great podcast for anyone who loves or is interested in gardening and self sufficiency. Shannon goes through everything from how to start and maintain your veggie patch, growing flowers to keeping chickens and pigs. No matter how big or small your patch of dirt is you’re bound to find this podcast helpful. We would love to hear how your gardens are going at home! let us know what plants or trees you've had success with in our harsh climate.

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